Current course number:  Economics 226 (next offering: Fall 2006)  Previous course number: Economics 26.

Current catalogue description:  “Study of the historical evolution, economic functions, current ethical issues, and efficiency of financial institutions and markets in the United States.”

Course summary: A student who masters the course material in Economics 226 should become familiar with the current structure of U.S. financial markets and how they compare with those elsewhere; understand how important economic, political, technological and social factors influence the development of such markets; and better understand many of the articles in financial pages of the NY Times or Wall Street Journal.  During the entire course, we also will regularly address ethical issues related to financial markets, for two major reasons.  First, popular views of ethics and of appropriate behavior in financial markets have changed over time, with significant consequences for the structure and functioning of financial markets. Second, many Union students choose professional careers in finance or regularly deal with others who do.  The course may be of interest not only to Economics majors but also to those in related disciplines such as History and Political Science.


This plaque is testimony to the power of gold in an earlier era.

This exhibit in Icy Straits Point, Alaska shows how varied money can be.

Top Banner:  U.S. President Andrew Jackson gazes from this  replica of the new $20 bill at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C.

This course carries WAC and AM-C designations in the general education program.

The only prerequisite is Economics 101 (prior to Fall 2005, Economics 12). The course is designed for sophomore and first-year students, and there has normally been room for both groups. The course is open to non-Economics majors who are juniors or seniors, but Economics majors who have reached the junior year may not enroll in it.

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