Current course numbers: Economics 498/499 for economics majors; IDM 498/499 for interdepartmental majors; or ORT 498/499 for organizing theme majors.  (Next offering: Fall/Winter 2006-7)  
Previous course numbers:
Economics 009/199, ID 09/199, or OT 09/199.

Course summary: These courses require students to work for two terms independently under faculty supervision and produce a significant piece of scholarly work.  Students seeking Honors in one or more of the departments in which they are majoring generally must earn grades of at least A- in this course to qualify; they should also check both the college and departmental requirements for honors. 

These courses satisfy the WS requirement in the General Education Program.

Prerequisites: Economics 241,242, and 243 (prior to Fall 2005, Economics 41,42,43); senior standing and at least one course in the proposed area of the thesis topic; Economics 498 (or IDM 498 or ORT 498, if applicable) is prerequisite for Economics 499 (or IDM 499 or ORT 499).  One of more of the Economics prerequisites may be waived with permission of the instructor for organizing theme majors, depending on the courses approved for the major and the proposed thesis topic.

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