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Matuta lunaris (Forskal, 1775)

Family: Calappidea


Zone: Can be found on tidal sand flats in front of mangroves. Common in sandy to muddy open areas,

Habitat: Sand flats near mangroves, not a real mangrove crab, but often associated with them. Can occur in deeper waters (Richmond, 1997).

Food: Most probably omnivourous; eats other crabs (pers. obs.; Hazlett, 1997). Serious predator of flat fishes (Hossain et al., 2002; Fatima, 2003; Saitoh et al., 2003).

Ecological notes: These crabs normally burrow just below the surface during the day. They forage for small shellfish, worms and other animals at night (Tan and Ng, 1988). Their paddle-like legs are for swimming and digging.

Distinguishing characteristics: Prominant spines on carapace (see photos). All legs flattened. Shell width up to 5cm. Common name = moon crab

Geographical range: Indo-Pacific (Richmond, 1997).


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