A field guide to Kenyan mangroves


Metopograpsus oceanicus (Jacquinot, 1852)

Family: Grapsidae


Zone: This crab can be found in narrow belt mangroves (Hartnoll, 1975), typically on seaward R. mucronata and S. alba trees

Habitat: Climbing on living trees and under dead trunks, occasionally on the forest floor to capture prey (Vannini et al., 1997).

Food: leaves, algae mollusks (Dahdouh-Guebas et al., 1999) and crustaceans (Vannini et al., 1997).

Ecological notes: Can be common as in Gazi Bay; Does not dig but may exploit burrows of other species as temporary refuge (Vannini et al., 1997).

Distinguishing characteristics: One tooth behind the antero-lateral one, posterior margin wider than Metopograpsus messor and Metopograpsus thukuhar (carapace width about 2 cm). The largest Metopograpsus species in Kenya.

Geographical range: Africa: Kenya and Tanzania, but not Somalia (Vannini and Valmori, 1981), Papua New Guinea (Giese et al., 1996).


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