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Perisesarma guttatum (A. Milne Edwards, 1869)

Family: Sesarmidae

Zone: Can be found from A. marina Landward to creek, but primarily resides in muddier regions (Gillikin, 2000).

Habitat: On the forest floor, uses other crabs burrows and natural crevices (Gillikin, 2000).

Food: Completely omnivorous, will try to eat anything on forest floor including dropped pencils. Stomach contents are primarily leaves and to a lessor degree insects (Dahdouh-Guebas et al., 1999). Often, P. guttatum were observed picking minuscule items off the sediment surface and bringing it to their mouth-parts (Gillikin, 2000).

Ecological notes: Has five zoeal stages lasting from 22-25 days and one megalopa stage (Pereyra Lago, 1993). Very common across entire mangrove forest in high densities, but avoids drier areas; prefers areas with very organic sediment (Gillikin, 2000). Often found in N. smithi burrows (Gillikin, 2000). Very important in leaf litter removal (Slim et al., 1997). Not a shy species (Hartnoll, 1975). Faithful to an area about 16 sq meters during it's life (Skov et al., 2002). Maturity in males reached at a carapace width of about 9.35 mm and 15.3 mm for females (Flores et al., 2002). It should be noted that as this species has been confused with P. samawati until now, most literature dealing with P. guttatum most likely includes both species (see Gillikin & Schubart, 2004).

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  Distinguishing characteristics: Claws red, internal palm bright orange (carapace width about 3 cm); 11-13 tuberlces on the top of the claw (see images to the left), as compared to P. samawati which has 7-8 (Gillikin & Schubart, 2004). Note that Perisesarma guttatum is often referred to as Sesarma guttatum in the literature. (See list of all Perisesarma species).


Geographical range: Red Sea, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar (Vannini and Valmori, 1981)



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