A field guide to Kenyan mangroves

Xylocarpus moluccensis (Lamk.) Roem 1846

Family: Meliaceae

This species is regarded by Tomlinson (1986) as a non-mangrove species. However, we included the species in this mangrove field key because of the association of this species with the mangrove vegetation.

Very rare in Kenyan mangroves. Only two individuals known in the Gazi Bay forest (Kairo, pers. comm.)


Leaves of X. moluccensis are less leathery and lighter green than those of X. granatum. Furthermore the leaf apex is pointed (as compared to rounded in X. granatum


Root system
No above ground root system was observed in the Gazi specimen


Fruit A big fruit (8-10 cm diameter) in which several seeds are enclosed.

Xylocarpus moluccensis on the left and X. granatum on right



Tomlinson, P.B., 1986. The Botany of Mangroves. Cambridge University Press. Cambride Tropical Biology Series. 413 pp.

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