Kenneth B. Sharpe Professor Emeritus of Economics
Faculty Director, Kelly Adirondack Center (KAC)
204 Lippman Hall, Union College
Schenectady, New York 12308

Curriculum Vitae

Interdisciplinary Initiatives
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Symposium on Engineering and Liberal Education
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Background material on Engineering and Liberal Arts

dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Environmental Science, Policy and Engineering at Union College
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Adrienne Klein's Home Page.
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.   Definitely worth visiting.
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Grinnell College in 1966. - Fetzer; Jefferson Airplane
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Grinnell College in Spring of 1970
; Political Action
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Lionel® Home Page
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Museum of Online Museums. Wonderful obsessions.  I'm in the annex.
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Painting the Idol at Union College; currently not active
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Rhino Robots.  Beautiful machines.   Here is the one I've been working on.
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Secret Science Club.  Check out my award-winning armadillo from the 2007 Taxidermy Contest.
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Union Mills Homestead.  The 1797 Shriver family homestead; information about Shriver genealogy.
dotblue.gif (904 bytes)  Workshop on Archiving the WWW. May, 2002 - still not solved

Image created by
Fotron2000 at the ArtBots2003 exhibit, Eyebeam, New York City.

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