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This is an overview of the details for oral presentations and for posters in the technical session for the Mohawk Watershed Symposium. If you are looking for the technical aspects of Abstract submission, go here.


For a volunteered Oral Presentation (Talk), or a volunteered Poster Presentation (Poster) please submit your abstract by the deadline and indicate preference (Oral or Poster). We will do our best to honor requests, but we may switch oral to poster if space is limited. Go here to get directions on Abstract submission.



The Conference Center at College Park Hall, Union College (M. Milless).



VOLUNTEERED TALKS: 12 Minutes, 3 minutes for questions (15 minutes total)


INVITED TALKS: 22 Minutes, 3 minutes for questions (25 minutes total)


Note that we anticipate a full and tight schedule, so your talk must stay within the allotted time. Speakers will be warned of concluding time, and then asked to wrap up if they exceed their allotted time. Please practice your presentation so that you can stay within the time bounds.  Note that speaker warning times are for speaking time (not total time).


All oral presentations will be at a podium in a large lecture hall (see photo). The podium has controls for the AV system and it sits on the ground level to the left of the large screen (as viewed by the audience). All oral presentations accompanied with slides and/or images must use Microsoft PowerPoint. Video clips can be shown, but please give us warning before your session so that adjustments can be made.


The lectern has a laptop that runs Powerpoint presentations. It is essential that all speakers load their presentation onto the system during the break that precedes their group of talks. For the early morning talks, this means getting the files loaded before the symposium starts, so please plan accordingly. If you are nervous about getting your talk loaded in time, you can send to the conveners beforehand provided the file size is <15 Mb. Speakers should plan to provide a file on a USB key in PowerPoint format (.ppt, .pptx, or .pps).


All VOLUNTEERED ORAL presentations are scheduled to be 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for questions and transition to the next speaker. The session will be strictly moderated, and the session moderator will interrupt speakers who look likely to surpass their time limit. This rigid timetable is essential to maintaining the integrity of the coffee and food breaks, which are catered.


All INVITED TALKS are scheduled to be 22 minutes with 3 minutes allotted for questions and transition to the next speaker.


POSTER dimensions should be a maximum of 45 inches in width, and 36 Inches in height. PLEASE DO NOT LAMINATE POSTERS, they will not stay on the wall with the tape we are required to use. Make sure that you do not laminate your poster.





Poster Presentation at College Park Hall, Union College (M. Milless)


The Conference Center at College Park Hall, Union College (M. Milless).