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Dr. Scott M. LaBrake

Senior Lecturer of Physics and Astronomy

Accelerator Manager

Union College Department of Physics and Astronomy  



The United States Navy Flight Demonstration Team,  The Blue Angels

The United States Air Force Flight Demonstration Team,   The Thunderbirds


For a list of courses I've taught at Union College.

Course in progress for Winter 2024: Physics 111

The Union College Pelletron Particle Accelerator

                   My favorite morning radio show.

Special Air Force Mission 28000 - Air Force One

Waikoloa, Hawaii 2009

The New England Aquarium

Binghamton Airshow 2009

Binghamton Zoo

Jones Beach Airshow 2008

Rochester International Airshow 2008 featuring the Thunderbirds

The Great New England Airshow 2008

Some of these airshow photos, as well as other non-airplane related pictures, can also be found on Flickr.

My Research Students.

My CV.

My doctoral thesis (under the direction of Ariel Caticha) on the electromagnetic theory of modal excitation,

  propagation (including surface roughness effects) and diffraction of x rays in glass capillary fibers.

My research Areas:  Theoretical Physics, Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics, Environmental Physic.

Current works in progress:  1.  Study of environmental pollution in liquids and atmospheric aerosols using PIXE.

                                                             2. Instructors Solution Manual (published at Springer) and Student Study Guide (in progress) to accompany Physics for the Life Sciences,by Jay Newman.

                                                             3. Writing a textbook for Physics 210 The Physics of Modern Medicine.

Accelerator Pressure. (Viewable from on campus only or through VPN access.)

As you can see I love flight. If I cannot be in the air, I indulge my hobby by flying on Microsoft's Flight Simulator. It's certainly not the same. I get my scenery and airplane files from and

The waving flags are from 3D Animated Flags by 3DFlags.com


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