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Epixanthus dentatus (White, 1847)

Family: Xanthidae

This muddy aggressive mangrove crab is a fierce predator that will snap it's claws at anything it thinks it can eat (including your feet).

Zone: Equally inhabits C. tagal and R. mucronata zones (Gillikin, 2000).

Habitat: natural 'dens' or crevices (Cannicci et al., 1998).

Food: Omnivorous (Dahdouh-Guebas et al., 1999), but preys mostly on crabs (Cannicci et al., 1998).

Ecological notes: A strong ambush predator that can climb roots. Occurs in densities of 0.25 ind/m2 and is more active at night (Cannicci et al., 1998).

Distinguishing characteristics: Five big teeth on the antero-lateral carapace margins. Dimorphism in claws with one a thin claw and the other a thick crushing claw. It should also be noted that most specimens of E. dentatus are relatively small (~40 mm carapace width) when compared to the individual with a carapace width of 69.1 mm found at the creek's edge in Gazi Bay (Gillikin, 2000).

Geographical range: Throughout the Indo-west-Pacific region, from East Africa to northern Australia (Cannicci et al., 1998).


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