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Thalamita crenata H. Milne Edwards, 1861

Family: Portunidae

Zone: from Rhizophora mucronata zone seaward.

Habitat: Burrows or uses crevices (Vezzosi et al., 1995; Gillikin, 2000).

Food: Primarily carnivorous, but will also eat algae (Dahdouh-Guebas et al., 1999).

Ecological notes: Uses sight to find it's refuge and is faithful to a given area (Cannicci et al., 1994). Burrows of T. crenata are usually irregularly shaped holes about 15 to 20 cm in diameter, descending with a shallow slope and are filled with water (Gillikin, 2000). Within the mangal, it prefers the R. mucronata zone (Gillikin, 2000), but also resides in front of mangrove forests (Cannicci et al., 1994; Vezzosi et al., 1995). Most active when water level is between 10-30 cm deep and at night (Vezzosi et al., 1995). We found these crabs inhabiting burrows close to land, hundreds of meters from large creeks.

Distinguishing characteristics: Rounded carapace with five antero-lateral teeth; swimming legs [compare with larger S. seratta] (carapace width about 10 cm). This is an edible crab and can often be found in village markets.

Geographical range: Whole Indo-Pacific region (Cannicci et al., 1994).


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Updated June 24, 2016