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2013 - Mohawk Watershed Symposium














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Presentations are available for all authors who elected for either poster or slides to be served at this site.


Oral Presentations


The long-story: Reconstructing flood frequency along the Mohawk through the last 1000 years (slides not available)
D.T. Rodbell, Geology Department, Union College


Mitigation of Natural Dam Hazards: a Study of the Mill Valley Beaver Dam Failure (slides not available)
H. R. Bartholomew and M. Quinn, Dam Concerned Citizens Inc.


A LIDAR Analysis of Bed and Bank Patterns at Curved Segments Along the Mohawk River (slides not available)
A.M. Ghaly, Department of Engineering, Union College


An Open Standards Framework for Synoptic Evaluations of the Mohawk Watershed: With examples in the Upper Schoharie Watershed

(PDF of Talk Slides)
R. Lopez-Torrijos and T. Bondelid


Natural Channel Restoration after Irene and Lee - a Schoharie County Opportunity (slides not available)
W.A. VanDeValk, NRCS Area Engineer - Schoharie, NY


ClimAID: How climate science helps us understand and prepare for climate change in New York State(slides not available)
A. Stevens, Environmental Research, NYSERDA


The Tropical Storm Irene “Mega Flood” in The Catskills: Why it Was Not an Unprecedented Event and Why Cataloging Past Events Will Help us Attain a Weather Ready Nation (slides not available)
S.N. DiRienzo, NOAA/NWS Weather Forecast Office


Ice Jams and Flood Monitoring: Mohawk River, Schenectady, NY(slides not available)
G. Wall, C. Gazoorian, and J.I. Garver


NYCDEP Dam Safety and the Reconstruction of Gilboa Dam (slides not available)
J.H. Vickers, Chief Western Operations Division, Bureau of Water Supply, NYC DEP


River Herring: Past, Present, Future? (slides not available)
K.E. Limburg, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY


An Introduction to Water Quality Issues in the Upper Mohawk (slides not available)
S. Botsford, NYS-DEC Region 6 Water Engineer


Microbial water quality monitoring of the Hudson River: influence of the Mohawk and emerging policy challenges in New York State(slides not available)
G. O’Mullan, A. Juhl, T. Brown, and J. Lipscomb


Targeting Conservation Practices To Critical Areas (slides not available)
J. Moore, Stone Environmental Inc.


Stream ecosystem changes in Schoharie Creek tributaries following Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee(slides not available)
M. Cornwell, P. Nichols, B. Brabetz, M. Meritet, I. Bach and B. German


The Competing Interests in the Waters of the West Canada Creek (slides not available)
F. Montecalvo, West Canada Watershed Alliance Inc.


Partnering with Boaters to Create a Cleaner Mohawk Watershed (slides not available)
W. Estes and H. Goebel, New York State Canal Corporation and Thruway Authority


The Biggert - Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012: How Flood Insurance Program Changes will Change Your Community (slides not available)
W. Nechamen, Floodplain Management, NYSDEC


Symposium Highlight Address: Climate Change and the Mohawk: Challenges and Opportunities for Citizens and Stakeholders (slides not available)
Congressman P.D. Tonko, 20th District of New York


Banquet Keynote Introduction and Remarks
R.R. Wodder, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior



The Need For An Operational Protocol For The Release Works At The Gilboa Dam (poster not available)
H.R. Bartholomew and R. Price, Dam Concerned Citizens Inc.


The Need For Conservation Releases From The Schoharie Reservoir? (poster not available)
H.R. Bartholomew and R. Price, Dam Concerned Citizens Inc.


Mohawk River Watershed Management Plan: Watershed Assessment (poster not available)
D.A. Mosher and W. McIntyre, Mohawk River Watershed Coalition of Conservation Districts


The Use of GIS Data and Analysis in the Development of the Mohawk River Watershed Management Plan (poster not available)
K. Budreski, Stone Environmental, Inc., Montpelier, VT


Activities of the United States Geological Survey - Water Survey, Troy, NY (poster not available)
W. Freeman, USGS New York Water Science Center


A GIS Study of Environment-impacting Activities at the Confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers (poster not available)
A.M. Ghaly, Department of Engineering, Union College


Synoptic Evaluation: Scouring of the Mohawk River and Mitigation Responses (poster not available)
D.N. Dremluk and A.M. Ghaly


The Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System (poster not available)
A.M. Onion, S.H. Fernald, G.R. Wall


Lock 7 (Vischer Ferry) Dam: A Century of Concern, Now Time to Modernize(poster not available)
J. Duggan, Consultant


Protection of a Municipal Well Field on the Floodplain to the Mohawk River: A Case Study of the Town of Glenville's Wellfield Protection Committee

(Download Poster)
S.Hammond, C. George, P. Adams, J.I. Garver, J. Pelton, J.A. Smith, C. Welch


Post-Irene Suspended Sediment, Alkalinity and Metal Dynamics in the Schoharie and Mohawk Rivers (Download poster)
P.R. Manning, D.P. Gillikin, J.I. Garver, J. McKeeby


Fish Community Changes in Schoharie Creek Tributaries Following Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee (poster not available)
M. Meritet, I. Bach, M. Cornwell, P. Nichols, B. Brabetz, B. German


Classifying Hydroclimatological Causes of Annual Maximum Discharges on Portions of the Mohawk River and its Tributaries (poster not available)
S.B. Shaw and A.M. Ryan, Dept. of Environmental Resources Engr., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY


Trend Analysis for Monthly and Extreme Rainfall Events in Albany, NY: 1826-2012 (Download poster)
M. Vetta, Geography Department, University of Guelph


Geography Field Research in Schoharie Valley: University of Guelph Student Experiences August 2012 (Download poster)
J. Cockburn and A. Hovorka, Geography Department, University of Guelph


Over the hill: flow variability across Catskill catchments (Download poster)
J. Cockburn and J.I. Garver


A changing flight Schedule for Ducks and Geese in the Mohawk Watershed

(Download poster)
J.I. Garver, Geology Department, Union College


The Sedimentary Record of Flooding Along the Schoharie River Preserved in Sediment Cores from Young’s Lake (poster not available)
M. Sachs and D.T. Rodbell, Geology Department, Union College


Explanation of the water monitoring time series data in Schoharie Creek, NY (Download poster)
K.G. Tsakiri, A.E. Marsellos, and I.G. Zurbenko


A LiDAR application for TIN construction and accurate longitudinal profile of the Mohawk River, New York, USA (Download poster)
A.E. Marsellos, Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


The Eyes of the Storm: Hurricane Irene in images and words (poster not available)
Gilboa-Conesville Central School Students and S. Kliza, Gilboa, NY


A Biological assessment of water quality of the Schoharie Creek from Blenheim to Burtonsville N.Y., summer 2012 (Download poster)
M. McKeeby, N. Loukides, X. McKinley, E. Remling, J. McKeeby


How is the Water? Measuring sewage contamination in the Hudson River Estuary, 2006-2011(poster not available)
G. O’Mullan, A. Juhl, T. Brown, J. Lipscomb