Prof. Cheikh Ndiaye

Union College Department of Modern Languages

Negritude Movement: Point of Departure in Black and Afro-Caribbean Literatures in French


This introductory course examines the Negritude movement, a significant point of departure in Black African and Afro-Caribbean Literatures. Thus, it refers to the Black diaspora in France in the thirties with a focus on the most illustrative literary productions. We will examine a variety of literary works that stress local cultures in reaction to the French colonial policy of assimilation. We'll consider Aime Cesaire, Leon Damas, Leopold Senghor, Birago Diop, and Frantz Fanon to better illustrate how these novelists, poets, and theoreticians represent strong references with regards to the literature of de-colonization in the fifties and sixties, and that of postcolonial identity.

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