The "old, "original" Camp Wawayanda

Looking at a New Jersey map, right at the NY state border you'll see "Wawayanda StatePark", and there's a lake there. That's where it started. Then at some point they moved to the Andover site.

From some old slides. All of this was way before my time.

island Apparently they were on an island at first, then moved to the main. Or maybe they had an island "outpost". One of the villages at the Andover site was called "Outpost".
lodge porch Lodge porch. Looks like a pleasant place to pass the time. Looks like a couple of islands visible.
lodge Looks like the lodge as seen from the lake, or maybe from one of those islands. Does that look like a large water slide? Could be fun!
Ferry Must have been a popuklar method of conveyance, probably human powered.
hike Going for a hike, or maybe an overnight. We used to make our own bedrolls from a blanket or two and some large safety pins, and sling them over the shoulder to carry them. I think that;s what's over the shoulders of these boys.