Some black and white photos

Back in the "old days", my cameras held "film", were processed in a darkroom by me, and were then printed in the darkroom using a photographic enlarger and those trays of developer, water, and fixer. Here are a few of my favorites from those days.

Chapel Pond
Chapel pond, Adirondacks

Nova Scotia
Beach, Nova Scotia, Cape Sable Island. There was a causway, so not really an island.
The water there was REALLY cold!

Nott Memorial, Union college, before the renovations.
Jacksons Gardens
Jackson's Gardens, Union College
That bank is still there, but the big tree with carved intitials isn't.
Jacksons Gardens
Jackson's Gardens, Union College, in infrared
Boom Beach
Boom Beach, Isle au Haut

Old car, Isle au Haut. Slowly sinking into the ground. I've been watching it for 20 years or so.

Walse window
Wales. Loo with the view.
Old house, Isle au Haut. It's now completely gone.
Thunder Gulch
Lonely sentinel, high on the rocky banks, long since dead and bleached,
this was torn down by the winter storms.
My friends looked for it the next year, but it wasn't there.
Bed-rock, Boom Beach, IAH, carved by the winter storms.
This is still there, I guarantee you.
I wonder how long it will take the ocean to whittle this away?
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia morning
Schoodic, part of Acadia National Park, on a foggy morning.
This was taken on the first time we were there, on 4x5 inch film.
I do everything on a digital camera now, and alwyas in color. But the old black and white days weren't so bad!