Two visits to Santononi

Newcomb, N.Y., just off route 28N
About two hours from my house.

Santononi website

First, 2015, by bicycle; Second trip, 2017, horse & wagon.

You can walk in, ride your bike in, or take the wagon. It's about five miles, mostly uphill on the way in. You can ski or snoeshoe in during the winter months. There are special events and weekends. You can camp there. The wagon (summer only) costs you $25 unless you're a senion citizen, like me. Then it free. Very pretty place; call ahead to reserve your space on the wagon. Bring your kayak. There are some kayaks and canoes available in the boathouse, but bring your own.

A very interesting trip. A very pretty lake.

Gate Hoiuse
Gate House
Two horsepower; enough!
Baldwin Mt. from Newcomb Lake
Main lodge from the lake
Porches on the lodge
L Newcomb
Lake Newcomb
Loading up, ready to return
The road, one of the bridges
L Newcomb
Lake Newcomb, from the boathouse
Some friendly loons