Some of these photographs are incliuded in an exhibit
at the Niskayuna branch of the Schenectady County Library.

September, 2016
C.C. Jones

Welsh Chapel
This is the windows in a chapel in a seminary in Wales. We were there for a couple of days on our first trip to Wales. This was taken back in my "black & white" days, probably on Tri-X film using a Pentax camera.
Hancock Village barn
This is the round barn at the Hancock Shaker Village. If a barn could ever be a cathedral, this would be it. Cameras are allowed there, but tripods are not, so taking this in natural light could be a bit of a challenge. Modern cameras (Nikon D800E) are so fast that I could do it.
Church Pond
From Osgood Pond, it is possible to paddle to two small ponds, Little Odsgood Pond and Church Pond, in the Adirondacks in Paul Smiths. I think this is Little Osgood. We rented a small cabin on Osgood Pond a couple of times. I particularly enjoyed paddling around Osgood Pond and two connected ponds.
Tree at Cawdor
This tree is located as part of the grounds of Cawdor Castle in Scotland. The gardens there were fantastic. We visited there as part of sa trip sponsored by the Friends of the Schenectady County Library. It was a great trip!
Culross Scotland
House in Culross, Scotland. We went to Scotland with a Road Scolar group. Culross in a very old town, cobbled streets. This is a Historical Trust house. I would love to see the inside, but nobody invited me in!
Flowers, SW England
Flowers on a hillside in this seaside town in SW England (Torquay).
The same hillside as the above picture.

Clouds over Mt. Dessert Island. From our rental on Isle ah Haut, looking to the NW. Those thunderheads are over the main.

Isle au Haut is a small island of the Maine coast, in the mouth of the Penobscot Bay. About half of the island is part of the Acadia National Park, the other half in privately owned. The winter populatiion is less than 100, but in summer it swells to several hundred. There is an elementary school, one room and a small numnber of students (probably less then five). The mail boat makes two or three trips tp the island in the summer, but only once daily in the winter. We have rented a week or two there for many years. We enjoy watching the sky and sea. I enjoy hiking the trails and paddling my kayak here and there.

Clouds over the main, from our rental on Isle au Haut, Maine.
The Nott
The Nott Memorial, Union College grounds. This is an old B&W photo, taken before the recent restoration. The building housed the theater on the main floor and the bookstore in the basement at that time. Taken on a 4x5 speed graphic on a tripod, probably tri-x film.
Beach, Isle au Haut. Shells, rocks, seaweed, even a bit of sand here and there. And I found lots of sea glass there.
Trail IAH
This is the Western Head Trail on Isle au Haut. The trail crosses that "beach". We have have had a rental on IAH for many years. This is a favorate trail. In contrast to the Mt. Dessert Island trails, there are few walkers here. Seeing one or two other hikers here over several hours is about par. The trail head is not far from Duck Harbor, where the boat from Stonington disembarks day travelers. Bring water, your lunch, rain gear, and your camera if you go there. This trail connects with the Cliff Trail, which is even better.
P{enobscot Bay
Penobscot Bay, Maine, on the mail boat from Stonington to Isle au Haut, this sailboat passed us. I just kept clicking away as it went by. This was a beautiful day on the bay, but we've had a rainy passage several times. If you go, be prepared!
Boom Beach
Boom Beach, Iele au Haut. It's not part of the park, but it's open to everyone. There's always a bit of surf, because it's open ocean. They say that when the winter storms come, you can hear the pounding of the waves from town as they toss around the rocks. Town is about four miles away at the other end of the island.
Trescott Maine
The Bold Coast Trail at Trescott, Maine. This trail passes through woods for about an hour (for me, a slow walker) before it emerges on the top of the cliffs above the ocean. Then it goes for several miles along the shore, on the cliffs and sometimes down on the beaches. This was my first time on this amazing trail, and a fog bank was hovering by the shore line. The cliffs and the ocean are just ahead. There are some leantos at the far end on the trail, but I didn't get that far. This is a fantastic trail!
Those amazing spiders! In Maine, by the ocean, there is often fog, and the fog deposits water on the spider's work. It will all dry off when the sun comes out and the spider can get back to work.
Jackson's Gardens
Jackson's Gardens, Union College, on infrared film. Yes, there used to be some trees in the gardens, long gone. This was taken on infrared film, with a red filter to remove the violet light, to which the fiilm is sensitive. Taken on a 4x5 speed graphic, which I haven't used in years. Nor have I been in the darkrooom in years. But inkjet printers have come a long way in the past ten years or so. The color prints in this exhibit were all made on my 17-inch wide inkjet printer, a fantastic tool!
old car
The islands off the coast of Maine often have derelict old cars laying around. Sometimes there's a place where the old cars are pushed off a bank into the ocean, there to corrode away until only the engine is left. This old car was left in the yard of a house, and is gradually sinking deeper and deeper into the ground. I think they loved this old car so much, they just had to keep it around. Cars on the island are not inspected, but they are registered, so there's sometimes some wierd vehicles on island roads! This is from my B&W days, when I brought 25 or 30 rolls of film to the island and used all of it in my two weeks there.
Nove Scotia
We had a rental on the SE corner of Nove Scotia a couple of times. This was the view a few steps down from our cottage one foggy morning.