Physics Demos by John Johnston at The Faraday Center


The Darth Vader Disc

The Inverse Square Relationship

The "g" Stick

Free Falling Bodies

Vectors - forces and the inclined plane

Vector - velocities and river crossings

The Sail Cart

The Rotator

Tension in a pendulum

2-D Motion - a teaching model

2-D Motion - centripetal force



Resonance Pendulums

Measuring the speed of sound

Acoustic Interferometer

Wire Waves I

Wire Waves II

Demonstrations: the eye of a needle and Poisson's spot

Poisson's spot

A wood model of a polaroid filter

The Acrylic Container (Prism)

Dispersion via diffraction & interference

The To-Infinity mirror system

Light - reflection via the flat-mirror periscope

Light and a real image via reflection - the concave mirror

Light and a real image via refraction - the convex lens

The "blue beer" demo


Total internal reflection in a stream of water

Atmospheric refraction

The rainbow

Dispersion via reflection & interference

A spectra comparator

The hand-held Tesla coil

The green comparator

Wire Loop I

Wire Loop II

The Ring Flinger

The blue sky and ...


Northern Lights

The Snowflake

Standing Waves in the Hydrogen Atom

Electromagnetic induction

Self-inductance and mutual inductance

The monkey and the hunter

Static Electricity

The Wimshurst Machine

The Vortex Box


The Gas Laws - A teaching model

Absolute Zero

The Water Molecule

The Millikan Experiment


The flame tube

Magnetism and the acrylic tray

The Van de Graaff generator

Crystal packing and dislocation

Demonstrations with the overhead projector

Critical angle "magic"

The "one-bottle wine cellar"

The rotating platform

Acceleration and the HPP liquid accelerometer

Sound and loudness


Conservation of Momentum

Time and Timing


Kinematics and free fall

Lenz's law


Conservation of Energy

Demonstration Aids

Interference and two historic discoveries

Elastic light

Newton and Lionel

Vectors - forces and static equilibrium

A brief primer

Last modified: Fri Aug 7, 2020

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